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Лавинный бипер Ortovox F1

2700 грн.
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The reliable analog technology complements the f1 focus with the visual location indicator using signal light. If you put on the f1 with the lightweight one-belt carrying system, the device is switched on automatically: a significant safety feature!
There is only one turn-switch to switch from transmit to receive, which is absolutely safe.

The f1 focus' reception range extends to 80 m! This enables to shorten the search and to get faster to the buried victims. The number of beeps additionally indicates whether there is a burial with multiple signals. The optical LED search display in the style of traffic lights not only shows the right way, but also tells you when the volume control must be regulated to adjust the sensitivity of the reception.

When there is more than one victim, the volume control is used for signal isolation and provides an easy and safe positioning. When there is more than one seeker, an earphone has proved its efficiency. The earphone jack is located above the speaker on the waterproof, shock-resistant and ergonomic housing. An express emergency changeover switching from reception to transmission can be activated in case of a follow-up avalanche.

The f1 requires only two AA batteries available everywhere. The f1 surpasses the requirements of the European standard 300 718 and is also available as a set with earphone and bag.
ORTOVOX recommends: regular training with the avalanche transceiver and the constant carrying of shovels and probes.